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April 27, 2010

Sunrise @ The Palms

This was the view at the Suite we stayed at for my friend’s Bachelorette Party in Sin-City (populated by soooo many Filipinos btw.)
Haha I couldn’t help but over-hear one Caucasian couple on the way up the elevator, making a comment “WHOA… watch out for those Filipinos now….” Uhm hello, did they not realize that the 6 smiling faces behind them WERE of that descent?

Haha apparently not… I guess us asians all “look the same.”

I guess wherever there’s gambling, booze, musicals, and women… you’ll find us.
LOL (Filipinos I mean….) They work mainly in the hospitality industry; some are even show performers.

Is that considered a NAKKz? Well… for the fact alone that hard-working Fil-OFWs are everywhere living in random cities just to feed their families, I say it is.

It’s soo money!!! NAKKz!!!!

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