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May 3, 2010
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The day after my friend’s wedding in Studio City, Mo and I decided to search for local brunch eateries. Through random googling (& a few recommendations from Mo’s acquaintances), we discovered Ninong’s Pastries & Cafe in Granada Hills. Mo was immediately drawn by the atypical filipino menu. It was a few dollars more than the usual mom & pop places in LA, but didn’t break the bank too much. Breakfast was $5.50 for an entree, 2 eggs, and rice (along with a small side of dessert – which I guess was a minor plus). They had empenadas for $1.45 a pop, with longanisa, corned-beef, or spinach & cheese filling; normally it’s either stuffed with shredded beef or chicken. (Being a frugalista, I was used to buying delicious classic ones for 65 cents, but was curious enough to pay a few more quarters anyway ;) ). Mo was very impressed, but for me it was okay; however I do give them credit for the effort in terms of variety, plus I DID enjoy the spinach & cheese.

I was enamoured by the desserts, so without even trying it first I went ahead and bought a dozen Food for the Gods, for $7.00 a dozen, $2.50 per piece (YIKES!!!) When we got home, I sunk my chompers into one wrapped in pastel foil, but to my disappointment it wasn’t up to par with my Ate K’s homemade ones. It tasted okay, at least it wasn’t too sweet.

They had other amazingly designed cakes displayed on the counter, so maybe despite the fall-out with the FFTG, I’ll someday order one of their custom beauties for a certain occasion (if there’s ever the opportunity.) Their specialty flavors sound delishUbe, Pandan, Mango, Red Velvet (hmmmm), Carrot, Black Forrest, and they also do Custom.

Overall, it was cool to see a filipino place that didn’t contain your typical grease and oil, but rather attempted to provide a health-conscious menu.
If you go, you’ll either see it as an attempt to Americanize, or a well-worthy effort to do something a bit different.


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